Samstag, Januar 13, 2018

Mack Rides

The Interactive Boat Ride

Mannequinchallange at Mack Rides Booth Mannequinchallange at Mack Rides Booth

Xtreme Spinning Coaster – Compact Layout Version One Track - Two Ride experiences. Check out our new Xtreme Spinning Coaster Layout with different switch options and the abbility to have a...

BigDipper – ‚Lost Gravity‘ at Walibi Holland

Hyper Coaster – Flash – Lewa Adventure Shaanxi The world's tallest looping hyper coaster by Mack rides excites visitors at Lewa Adventure in China.

PowerSplash – Pulsar – Walibi Belgium Pulsar is the first launched water ride in the world - accelerating up to 100 km/h

Mack Launched Spinning Coaster Tests See our latest test on a crazy spinning ride. Our launch coaster blue fire was equipped with a spinning coaster car to test what...

First testride of Lightning – 10/22/2015 Mack Rides newest ride is testing at Lewa Happy World

Inverted Powered Coaster – Product Video – Mack Rides

Skatteoen – Djurs Sommerland