Freitag, Februar 8, 2019

Mack Rides

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Moviepark Germany Front and Back POV on board for the rescue mission against the Borg!

The Interactive Boat Ride

Mannequinchallange at Mack Rides Booth Mannequinchallange at Mack Rides Booth

Xtreme Spinning Coaster – Compact Layout Version One Track - Two Ride experiences. Check out our new Xtreme Spinning Coaster Layout with different switch options and the abbility to have a...

BigDipper – ‚Lost Gravity‘ at Walibi Holland

Hyper Coaster – Flash – Lewa Adventure Shaanxi The world's tallest looping hyper coaster by Mack rides excites visitors at Lewa Adventure in China.

PowerSplash – Pulsar – Walibi Belgium Pulsar is the first launched water ride in the world - accelerating up to 100 km/h

Mack Launched Spinning Coaster Tests See our latest test on a crazy spinning ride. Our launch coaster blue fire was equipped with a spinning coaster car to test what...

First testride of Lightning – 10/22/2015 Mack Rides newest ride is testing at Lewa Happy World