Dienstag, März 27, 2018


[HD1080] Helix full POV (Liseberg)

http://youtu.be/yOId8R8DvPI Take a ride with me on Liseberg's newest roller coaster, Helix! (Filmed with permission during an exclusive ride time with FKF e.V.)

[HD1080] Liseberg Helix Off-Ride

http://youtu.be/PDCHdC9gA5Q Some off-ride impressions of Liseberg's newest roller coaster, Helix.

El Goliath?!

http://youtu.be/uPioa7Krb_s El Goliath at Walibi Holland?! :-)

[HD1080] Legoland Deutschland 2014

http://youtu.be/ds43GebB5eY An overview of Legoland Deutschland, filmed on 12.04.2014 during an event of the Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks (FKF) e.V. - Be sure to visit...

[HD1080] Best of Chiapas, Phantasialand

http://youtu.be/P3ZzR3OgXBI On- and Offride Footage of Phantasialand's newest Ride, Chiapas. Join us on our journey through the caves of Mexico on this extraordinary water ride adventure!

Making of „Chiapas Splash-Compilation“

http://youtu.be/mvwtlotiqZg See how I shot the "Chiapas Splash-Compilation" video. :-) Don't worry, the camera is fine, it is even able to dive without any damage!

[HD1080] Phantasialand Chiapas Splash Compilation

http://youtu.be/-pcnEiWylgs People are definitely having fun on Chiapas at Phantasialand! :-)

[HD1080] Phantasialand Chiapas On-Ride POV (raw version)

http://youtu.be/tz68aruMqf0 Raw On-Ride POV of Phantasialand's new attraction, Chiapas! See the full POV experience here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctNHUtT5Zns

[HD1080] Phantasialand Chiapas Onride POV Full Experience

http://youtu.be/ctNHUtT5Zns On-Ride POV Video of Phantasialand's newest attraction, Chiapas! Enjoy this complete POV experience with some impressions of the queue and the whole POV. Filmed during...

[HD] Impressionen aus dem Europa-Park

http://youtu.be/RJX-k4qb3TQ Impressionen aus dem Europa-Park in Rust. Impressions from Europa Park in Rust, Germany.