Every Roller Coaster at SeaWorld San Diego! Front Seat POV!


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Take a front seat ride on all the roller coasters currently at SeaWorld San Diego!

00:00 – Emperor
01:38 – Electric Eel
02:30 – Manta
04:08 – Tidal Twister
07:33 – Coming soon!

NOTE – While some people consider Journey to Atlantis a roller coaster, we consider it more of a „Water Ride.“ To be honest, Tidal Twister barely counts as a „roller coaster“ either, but it we figured we would include it anyway.

EDIT: Since everyone wants to argue it in the comments section, I will elaborate more:
It’s really just a matter of opinion, to be honest. Journey to Atlantis is a 5 minute attraction of which is spends about 12 seconds being a „roller coaster style“ ride. To me, that’s not a „roller coaster.“ That’s a water ride that features a roller coaster „moment.“ Splash Mountain also features a gravity powered moment… Do you consider that a „roller coaster“ also? I don’t consider Tidal Twister a „roller coaster“ either but that ride does *LOOK* more like a roller coaster and it was just an interesting clip that we shot. So I included it because it’s my video and that’s what I wanted to make! 😛


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