Intamin Rides single rail Giga Splash off- & on-ride POV animation


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Intamin Rides released four new coaster concept videos, including this single rail coaster that resembles company’s own Shoot-the-Chutes water ride like Perilous Plunge that was at Knott’s Berry Farm from 2000-2012 and the record setting Pilgrams Plunge at Holiday World (2009-2013). Giga Splash is not a giga coaster, but has that name in order to differentiate it from the company’s Ultra Splash coaster concept. It stands 131 feet (40m) tall with a 285° panoramic elevator lift and sends riders down a 87° drop, reaching speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h) over an airtime hill into a huge splash zone. All that with a 673 foot (205m) interactive water channel to help build the tension before boarding the lift.
Check out the Intamin Hot Racer concept animation we posted:
You can also watch the Intamin Ultra Splash concept animation:
As well as the vertical LSM coaster concept animation:

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