IAAPA Ice Breaker train reveal Premier Rides/SeaWorld Orlando


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Brian Andrelczyk, SeaWorld Orlando’s VP of Design & Engineering, and Jim Seay, President and Owner of Premier Rides, unveil the Ice Breaker train front car at the IAAPA show floor in Orlando, Florida. Opening in 2020, the park’s first launch coaster is also the first custom variation of the popular Premier Rides Sky Rocket II models. The ride will launch forward and backward four times, instead of the usual three, to get the trains up to the top speed of 52 mph (83.6 km/h) and the 93 feet tall (28m) backward spike will curve up at a beyond vertical 100°. Other elements along the 2,750 feet (838m) of track include a 80 foot tall (24m) top hat, a wave turn and variety of air-time hills.

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