IAAPA Lego Factory Adventure car reveal Legoland New York


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Julie Estrada, the Head of Public Relations at Merlin Entertainment, Stuart Hetherington, The CEO of Holovis, and Ruud Koppens, the CEO of ETF Ride Systems, all unveil the new ride vehicle for the Lego Factory Adventure on the IAAPA show floor in Orlando, Florida. The trackless dark ride will be the first to transform riders into Lego mini-figures. Halfway through the ride, the ride vehicles will spin guests until they face a screen. Riders will see their vehicle transformed into Lego elements – and then they’ll see themselves appear as Lego Minifigures! The on-screen recreation is customized based on guests’ features, and motion tracking allows the mini-figure to move as the riders do.
Legoland New York Resort opens next year and will be located in New York’s Hudson Valley near the town of Goshin about 60 miles northwest of New York City.

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