WTF! Weird „Cup Noodles“ Themed Rapids Ride! Yomiuriland Japan Onride POV


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I’m not even sure how to describe this – but this is a rapids ride themed to the „Cup Noodle Factory“, Nissin Foods, where from what I understand there is some sort of „bad noodle guy“ and a „super hero noodle guy“ has to save the day. Is that what you get out of this, too? lol. Oh, and did we mention that it’s also some sort of video game?

This ride is totally WTF bizarre but amazing at the same time! Oh, Japan! This is why we love you!

Location: Yomiuriland, Tokyo – よみうりランド – スプラッシュU.F.O.

ps. And yes we know the product is actually „Nissin Yakisoba UFO“ but most people would know „Cup Noodle“ so what’s why we went with that name!



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