Runaway Mountain Coaster anaglyph 3D on-ride POV @60fps (full ride)


You’ll need anaglyph (red & cyan/blue) 3D glasses to view this video properly. We also posted an on-ride POV video in 2D for those that cannot view this video properly. Here’s the link to the 2D video we posted:

You can skip the lift hill to 5:15 to begin the descent.

This ADG (Aquatic Development Group) alpine coaster opened in August 2016 and reaches speeds up to 30 mph (48 km/h) as riders descend 3000 feet (914.5m) of track descending, spiraling, and curving down the mountain side.
Check out the off-ride video we posted to see more of this alpine coaster and how it works:
You can also watch the 360° video we posted to see even more of what it’s like to be on this alpine coaster:
This alpine coaster is located at Branson Mountain Adventure Park in Branson, Missouri.

Also called mountain coasters, these gravity-operated rides installed on a hill or mountain utilizes a track made of stainless steel tubes. The sleds are designed to not come off of the track during the ride and riders control their speed by applying or releasing brakes connected to levers on each side of the sled.

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