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Vision Film Disney Business Solutions

Vision Film Disney Business Solutions

Disney Business Solutions presents its strategy based on emotion.
On a moving MICE market, event planners look, not only for a place that corresponds to its strong rational choices (accessibility, modular spaces, all-in-one venue), but also for a place that is unique. Disney Business Solutions answers every day to these expectations and goes even further offering more than an event: events transformed into unforgettable stories thanks to the strength of emotion. True lever of performance for companies, emotion participates to re-enchant the event providing shared emotion and leaves lasting images to the participants. Disney Business Solutions pulls this performance lever thanks to a strong promise: the ROE, Return on Emotion, assuring that the success of an event is measured thanks to the quality of emotion that it brings.
Disney Business Solutions, it is the 1st MICE destination in Europe. Our team is in charge of the event and business tourism market of Disneyland Paris, it organizes more than 850 events yearly.
If you need any information, you can contact us on, by calling us on the +33 1 60 45 75 00 or check our website

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