Walibi Holland 2012


Walibi Holland in 2012! Ga een dagje mee door dit leuke park in de polder!

for photo’s see: http://www.xtremerides.nl/WalibiHolland2012.php

My name is Ruben Koet, and I live in Europe. I make video’s of rides and Fireworks.
All kinds of stuff that boys (And some Girls) like, but no soccer! (Extreme) Rides and fireworks
are my passion. I am always looking for awesome stuff to ride or slide. You can find the video’s on: www.youtube.com/xtremerides
and www.youtube.com/Xtremerides1. You can also check my webpage: www.Xtremerides.nl.
If you have any good ideas please let me know, and maybe i can add it to my webpage or my youtube channels.


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