Alton Towers Resort – Nemesis Front Row On Ride POV 2012 (1080p)


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Front row point of view of the original Nemesis. Located in Forbidden Valley manufactured by B&M as Europe’s first inverted coaster by 1994. It has thoughts of design by John Wardley who is known most for his input on this coaster. Still growing in age it is still known worldwide as one of the best coasters around. The coaster took £10 million to be built, taking the code name of SW3. John brought into the concept of the theme of an alien creature. The coaster is built into a pit area, as it hug’s the landscape making it feel like your legs are really going to crack against the rock. It also includes sections of blood river and waterfalls which really adds to the surroundings. As again it has won many prizes since it first opened which shows the unique attraction.
The length of the coaster is 716 meters with four inversions, corkscrew, zero g roll, vertical loop and a tight corkscrew hugging the landscape. The coasters top speed is around 50mph and G forces of around 4.5. The ride has two trains usually working in operation with 32 passengers per train, in a row of four. The ride lasts around 80 seconds and can take around 1400 riders through the coaster per hour.
Please note POV was filmed on a mini cam.

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