Afterburn Carowinds Roller Coaster POV Carolina


Check out this awesome Roller Coaster POV of Afterburn at Carowinds, Carolina. POV filmed and edited by TheCoasterViews.

Length: 2956′
Height: 113′
Inversions: 6
Speed 62 mph
Duration: 2:47

Afterburn is a steel inverted roller coaster at Carowinds. Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, the roller coaster stands 144 feet in height and reaches speeds of 62 miles per hour. When Afterburn opened in 1999, it was named Top Gun: The Jet Coaster.

When Afterburn was built, Carowinds was owned by Paramount Parks. Just as it had done with other inverted and suspended roller coasters at its other parks, Paramount themed the new roller coaster to one of its most popular movies, Top Gun. It was the second Top Gun roller coaster designed by Bolliger & Mabillard–the first being the original Top Gun at Paramount’s Great America in California–and was the longest, tallest and fastest of the four themed attractions.

After the former Paramount parks were acquired by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, Cedar Fair chose to rename the Top Gun roller coasters to Flight Deck. Carowinds, instead, chose to name its roller coaster Afterburn, beginning with its 2008 season. However, on the front of the hangar there is an emblem with the words T-G (Top Gun) written on it.


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