ROAR (Front HD POV) On-Ride Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom


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The Roar Roller Coaster POV at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo California. POV filmed and edited by TheCoasterViews.

Height: 95 ft
Drop: 90 ft
Length: 3,467 ft
Max speed: 50 mph

ROAR is a wooden roller coaster located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. The coaster has twenty-two crossovers and a 200 foot roofed tunnel.

ROAR is a near clone of the wooden roller coaster of the same name at Six Flags America; however, it features a different approach to the lift, an added bunny hill within the tunnel, and an added bunny hill before the final break run. The ride was also designed on land that slopes about ten feet up between the station and the end of the lift. GCI asked Six Flags if they could customize the design for the topography because if not the station would be over 20 feet above the ground. So the end result is that drops and dips on the station side of the coaster’s layout are several feet lower than its East Coast counterpart. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s ROAR was also designed with smaller and tighter turns than ROAR at Six Flags America. The change in design allows for higher lateral g-forces and an increased sensation of speed.


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