Boomerang Roller Coaster HD POV Front Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom


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Awesome video POV of Boomerang Coast To Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, California. Roller Coaster POV filmed and edited by TheCoasterViews.

Height: 120 feet
Drop: 120 feet
Length: 935 feet
Speed: 47 mph

Boomerang Coast-To-Coaster is a steel roller coaster of shuttle design currently in use at four different Six Flags & PARC themeparks. The ride has one train with a capacity of twenty- eight, two across in each row. When the coaster starts, the train is pulled backwards up the lift hill, then dropped through the loading gate through a cobra roll and then one loop. At the end of this cycle the train is pulled up the lift hill at the end of the track, then dropped once again allowing the train to go back through the loops backwards, hence the name “ Boomerang Coast to Coaster.“

Originally, the coasters had a teal track & white supports. As of 2008 Darien Lake’s model is still the original colors; Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s model has teal track and yellow supports; The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom’s model now has a yellow track & red supports; Elitch Gardens‘ model has a yellow track and purple supports; and Six Flags Fiesta Texas‘ has teal track and orange supports.

This is the standard Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster design found at forty-three different amusement parks worldwide. It is currently operating at Darien Lake (PARC), Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Elitch Gardens (PARC), The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom (Six Flags), and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Six Flags). Also, Carowinds just opened the ride March 2009. The ride from Carowinds features new cars that have never been activated before in the United States.


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