Superman The Escape Roller Coaster [HD POV] 400ft Six Flags Magic Mountain


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This is a 2009 HD POV of Superman The Escape At Six Flags Magic Mountain In Valencia, California. POV filmed and edited by TheCoasterViews.

Originally known as Superman: The Escape, the ride was intended to open in 1996. However, due to a range of problems Superman: The Escape opened on March 15, 1997. At the end of July 4 weekend of 2010 Superman: The Escape ceased operations with no reason given. A sign posted in front of the ride indicated that it would reopen during the 2011 season, with hints indicating that there would be improvements made to the ride experience. A Los Angeles Times report on August 3, 2010, announced the plans for Superman: The Escape to undergo a major refurbishment before the 2011 season. After Superman: The Escape’s sister ride, the Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld, underwent a major refurbishment in 2010 which entailed a new vehicle which launches backwards, speculation turned to the possibility of a similar modification to the Magic Mountain ride.


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